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Brijuni Islands, an osasis of untouched nature

A short excursion for long-lasting memories


If you want to get away from the bustling town of Novigrad, head towards the Veli Brijun Island, one of the 16 islands of the exquisite Brijuni National Park. Once you get there, enjoy the peace and quiet surrounded by the flora and fauna from faraway places. You can learn more about the intriguing history between the island and the Yugoslav statesman Tito.

As you ride the small tourist train along the holm oak, pine tree, cypress, redwood and eucalyptus forest, you can see the exotic plants and animals Tito was given by foreign statesmen as a gift. You might be surprised that as many as 200 dinosaur tracks have been discovered on the Veli Brijun Island.

The island will also show you the 1600 years old olive tree, some of the truly unique archaeological sites, traces of different cultures, Illyrian settlements and the Byzantine Castrum. You can make the most of your free time going on a bike or buggy ride.

Hotel departure followed by:
09:00     boat departure from Port
11:00     arrival at Veli Brijun, welcome by local guide, sightseeing
13:00     departure from Brijuni


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