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Into the deep of Baredine Cave

Into the deep of Istrian underground


Explore the mystical Istrian underworld, an undiscovered gem of Istria, the amazing natural beauty of Baredine Cave. Imagine the excitement of going into the 60m deep cave, walking down the stairs through five halls and five galleries passing by the stone sculptures of stalagmites and stalactites perfectly shaped by the water during thousand of years. 

During the pleasant 40-minute walk, you will learn and witness what time and water can creat under the ground. This unique geomorphological monument will leave you breathless.

After the underworld journey, it's time to head back to the ground level. We will visit a permanent exhibition of historic tractors, with the oldest tractor from 1923, and you will learn all about the history of Istrian agricultural life

Our journey ends in the Konobon Gallery where you will learn about the Mediterranean trilogy - bread, wine and olive oil and where you will taste Istrian wines

Hotel departure followed by:
14:00     arrival at Baredine
14:30     visiting the cave
15:30     visit to the Tractor Story exhibition and wine tasting
16:30     free time
17:00     departure to hotel

Bus, guide, entrance, wine tasting

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