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Islands Picnic from Orebić & Korčula

Discover the Dalmatian sea


Explore the Korčula archipelago with its 19 little islets and its pristine water world. Our first stop will be the hidden location of the sunk merchant ship, which partly sticks out of the water. Enjoy and have some fun on islets of Stupe and Bisače where you can marvel at the fascinating underwater trenches and unusual stone coastline.

Continue the tour by visiting the islet of Vrnik, known for its high-quality limestone (some of the world’s most famous buildings such as the White house, Hagia Sophia, etc. were built out of it). Your last stop will be the biggest islet called Badija, known for its Franciscan monastery, gorgeous secluded beaches and breath taking turquoise lagoons that surround it.


Sailing, skipper guide, snorkelling gear (diving mask and snorkel), lunch, drink and snack

09:40-10:15  Boarding the boat, and sail from Hotel orsan Pier in Orebić or Aminess hotel in Korčula
Sunk ship location, snorkeling
Islets Stupe and Bisace
Islet Vrnik, limestone quarry
Lunch on boat
Islet Badija, Franciscan monastery
13:00 Return


Family Trip

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