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Istrian classics

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Our first stop is Pula with its numerous sights including a very famous historical Roman amphitheatre, the sixth­largest in the world. The Temple of Augustus, the ancient city walls, the Golden Gate and many other monuments built under the Roman Empire prove that Pula was an important centre in that area. Next, we will visit Lim Channel - one of the most beautiful Istrian bays. It is a part of the 35 km long Lim Valley, stretching almost all the way to the town of Pazin at the heart of !stria. Afterwards, we will board a boat and set sail across the Lim Channel.
As soon as we set our feet on land again, we will go to Rovinj, one of the most romantic places in the Mediterranean! There we will enjoy in local specialities on our short lunch break. Feel the enchantment of the town in its narrow medieval streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism. The town of Rovinj is the right destination for all seeking a long forgotten atmosphere of the times that have forever gone by.

Hotel departure followed by:
09:15     arrival to Pula, sightseeing and free time till 12:30
13:15     arrival to Lim Fjord, boarding a vessel and sailing across the Lim Channel 
14:30     departure from Lim Fjord
14:50     arrival to Rovinj and lunch
16:00     sightseeing till 17:00, free time till 18:00
18:00     departure from Rovinj to hotels


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