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Riviera Cruise Korčula

Discover Korčula's archipelago.


Cruise on our trimaran and discover Korčula's archipelago composed of some 20 small islands, islets and cliffs, which form a unique oasis of beauty.

The isle of Badija, the biggest and most famous one, is home to the Franciscan monastery dating back to 15th century. The only inhabited island of the archipelago is the island of Vrnik. Two quarries can be found on the island, the white limestone of which can be found all over the world, like in Istanbul on the Hagia Sophia or in Washington. The strong sea current around the islands brings the exceptionally clear water with its transparently turquoise tone to life.

Cruising, Skipper guide, Possibility of swimming on Badija island

Sportswear, sunscreen and camera


11:30     Hotel pick up
12:00     Departure from Korčula east harbour
              Panorama of the archipelago
              Badija island
17:00     Return to Korčula
              Transfer to the hotel


Family Trip

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