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Slovenian Pearls

Piran and Portorož


Our six hours trip starts at one of the most charming cities on the Adriatic coast - Piran. This scenic town found its home in a secluded Piran Bay. With the Adriatic shimmering aorund it, Piran has a rich cultural heritage that is mostly influenced by its time within the Venetian Republic. Its medieval centre is adorned with cobbled streets, colourful houses, cafes & restaurants. It might be tiny, but is has a lot to offer, from Tartini main square, city walls, Church of St. George, and a lovely promenade.

Our next stop is Portorož, a small resort town with a long wellness tradition. This Slovenian gem has a wide selection of therapeutic baths, massage and spa rooms, as well as physiotherapy and aromatherapy. But besides thermal complexes, Portorož is also known for rich cultural heritage and variety of hotstpots such as Nature Park Sečovlje Salina, water park Laguna Bernardin, cycling rout Parenzana, open-air musem Forma Viva, and many more. 

Hotel departure followed by:
15:15     arrival to Piran, sightseeing
16:30     departing to Portorož
16:45     arrival to Portorož
              stroll along the promenade
17:45     departure to hotel

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