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Wine & Walk by the Sea 30.10.2021.



Put your sneakers on, it’s wine o’clock! The fourth edition of Wine & Walk by the sea is right around the corner. The arrival of autumn in Istria is best paired with a walk by the sea and a glass of wine! That’s why we’re inviting you to enjoy the finest wines of Novigrad and delicious Istrian food, while strolling along the green seascapes with a view of the charming town centre.

The 10-km long Wine & Walk route includes 6 tasting stops, each of them offering new tastes and experiences of the best Novigrad wines paired with local sea and meat specialties. This wine & walk adventure starts in the morning, at the Kastania beach, where you can register, collect a tasting glass and vouchers, a trail map and receive all necessary instructions. The first part of the route will take you through the vineyards, olive groves and other attractive sites up to the northernmost village of Dajla. The route continues along the path leading to the next tasting stops by the sea with a beautiful view of the town. On your way back to the departure point, you’ll stop at the last tasting station at Kastania, where the final celebration will take place.



IMPORTANT NOTICE: in order to adhere to epidemiological measures, attendance at the event is possible only with the presentation of a Covid-certificate or a negative rapid antigen test result not older than 48 hours.

START – Kastania beach
From 8,30 am to 12 pm – registration and voucher collection will take place on the scheduled departure time
Departures every 20 min
The walk by the sea and the olive groves starts from Karpinjan/Kastania, passes through the vineyards all the way to Mareda and Dajla, and then back by the sea to Kastania
Tasting stops at every 1,5 to 2 km
FINISH – Kastania (at the bikers’ point)

WINE OFFER: Moreno Ivančić, Stancija Fava, Leonardo Palčić, Ghira, Vino Demark, Vino P&P – Pervino

FOOD OFFER: Restaurant Sergio, Konoba Nino, Restaurant Kod Marice, Restaurant Half 8, La Taverna, Bakery Ošo



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