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Novigrad Wine Trail

Meet winemakers from Novigrad


There is an old Roman saying that goes: “To get to know a people, sit at their table, try their food and drink their wine, then you will know what they are like.” If you are a wine lover and your curiosity draws you to local producers, meet winemakers from Novigrad who have dedicated their lives to viticulture and winemaking. The “Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail” excursion is an experience that offers an unforgettable trip along the wine roads of Novigrad. 


Guests meet at the tourist train station in the Novigrad harbour at 15:00. After boarding the train, we will begin our trip. Along the way, we will enjoy beautiful panoramas of vineyards and the nature surrounding them. We will visit some of Novigrad’s renowned wineries, winners of many domestic and foreign awards. Guests will have the opportunity to taste top-quality wines, and their tastebuds will be tantalised by the flavours of local delicacies.

Included in the price:

  • 3 wine tastings
  • Train ride


Active excursion
Wine & Dine


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