General terms of business

Terms and Conditions

The website is part of a sales and promotion system owned by the travel agency of the same name operating under the company Laguna Novigrad d.d., and its purpose is to allow users to obtain and download information, purchase or activate select experiences organised by GoAdria travel agency’s partners, to obtain information on accommodation in the facilities of Aminess hotels&campsites, on transport in and to Croatia, and on selected destinations in Croatia, as well as to facilitate commenting of user experiences, purchasing products and other services, and any other business related to the transfer or organisation of the guests’ stay at the destination.

Introductory Note

These Instructions and Terms of reservation and purchase of package tours (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions) are an integral part of the Contract, i.e. the voucher concluded between GoAdria and the user/contractor of the package (hereinafter: the User) booking a package tour.

Registration and Contracting

The User may register for a tour organised by GoAdria in the office of GoAdria in person, by telephone, fax or other means of communication, as well as with other authorised agents. By signing the contract, voucher or registration form, i.e. by providing their credit card number while purchasing services via remote means of communication, the User fully agrees to these Instructions and Terms which they have previously read with care. At registration, for the purpose of booking the selected service, the User pays 30% of the package tour unless otherwise indicated in the programme. The remainder of the package price shall be paid 21 (twenty-one) days before the beginning of the tour at the latest, unless otherwise indicated in the programme (except for instalment payments). 

Price and Content of Package Tours

The price of the package tour includes (unless otherwise indicated in the travel programme) the following:

  • transport services,
  • hotel and hospitality services,
  • organisation of the tour.

If so stated in the travel programme, the price may also include airport tax, as well as costs of expert and local guides.

The price of the package tour does not include the following (unless otherwise arranged):

  • optional (non-compulsory) excursions and visits,
  • potential expenses of procurement and issuing of visas,
  • entry tickets for sites to be visited.

All types of special services (single room, special meals, etc.) shall be paid extra by the User and must be requested at the time of registration. If the User should request a special service during the trip, it is to be paid for immediately to the guide or the representative of the Agency, in the currency of the country in which they are staying at that moment.

The prices of the packages are based on the value ratio of the kuna against foreign currencies. GoAdria may request an increase in agreed prices if any of the following cases occur after the date of the conclusion of the contract:

  • a change in exchange rates in relation to the date of the publication of the programme,
  • a change in transport expenses (fuel, tolls, etc.)
  • a change in hotel and transport operator rates.

GoAdria may issue a notification on the change in the package price in writing or orally.

The price may not be increased within seven days prior to the start of the tour except in cases indicated in paragraph 1 of this article.

The User may cancel the package at no extra cancellation cost if there should be a price increase of more than 10% in relation to the agreed price, within 48 hours upon receiving a written notification. If the User should not cancel the package in person at the GoAdria point of sale or in writing within the specified time limit, they shall be considered as having consented to the change in price. If the tour should be cancelled due to an increase in price of less than 10%, the User does not hold the right to reimbursement. 

The User is obligated to accept an increase in price of up to 10%.

The published prices are a result of the agreement between GoAdria and its partners and they do not necessarily correspond to the prices indicated on site at the User’s destination. 

Children’s Discounts and Other Benefits

Please take note of the children’s discounts and other benefits specified in the package description. 

Travel Documentation

The User shall receive all of their travel documents at least 5 days prior to the start of travel unless otherwise indicated in the programme. Travel documents consist of:

  1. for personal transportation packages: original voucher and any possible written notifications;
  2. for bus transportation packages: original voucher and travel itinerary;
  3. for airplane transportation packages: original voucher, travel itinerary and airplane ticket. 

Service Categorisation and Description

The accommodation offered in GoAdria programmes are described according to the official categorisation of the country in question in force at the moment of publication of the programme.

Food, comfort and other services provided by the hotel/suites are supervised by the local tourism board; the accommodation and service standards vary and are not comparable.

GoAdria shall not hold any accountability for any written or verbal information not in accordance with the description of services or facilities in a published programme obtained from a third party. 

Room/Suite Accommodation

The distribution of rooms/suites is determined by the reception desk staff at the destination. If the User has not specifically arranged for a particular room/suite, they shall accept any officially registered accommodation unit within a particular facility described in the catalogue and price list. It is usually not possible to enter the room before 4 p.m. on the day of the beginning of service, and it must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the final day of service. Unless otherwise indicated, arrivals after 8 p.m. must be announced in advance. Pets are allowed in certain cases with a compulsory fee. 

The booking fee in the period when there is no availability for the chosen package is HRK 80. Upon receipt of the booking fee, GoAdria shall accept the registration of the on-request booking and reserve an extra place (on-request place). If the extra place is secured and accepted by the User, the previously paid on-request booking fee shall be included in the total price of the package.

In case GoAdria is unable to confirm the on-request booking, the payer shall be reimbursed for the paid amount of the fee in its entirety. Should the offered booking be declined, GoAdria shall retain the paid amount as coverage for the expenses of the on-request booking. 

Cancellation of Travel

If the User should cancel the package, GoAdria shall keep the following share(s) of the total package price:

  • 10% of the package price up to 30 days prior to departure, no less than HRK 100,
  • 25% of the package price 22–29 days prior to departure,
  • 40% of the package price 15–21 days prior to departure,
  • 80% of the package price 8–14 days prior to departure,
  • 100% of the package price 0–7 days prior to departure,
  • 100% of the package price after departure.

The specified cancellation costs also apply to the changes in the date of departure or accommodation facilities, or the type of room/suite, as well as to any other fundamental changes. A possible cancellation scale differing from the one indicated above can be found in the programme or catalogue to which such a scale refers.

If the User cancelling the tour should find another user for the same booking that fulfils all the necessary terms, GoAdria shall charge them solely for the costs incurred by the substitution.

The cost of the procurement of visas or travel documents shall not be remunerated upon cancellation of any package.

If the User should cancel or shorten their trip because of weather conditions, GoAdria shall apply the abovementioned scale, and no further complaints shall be taken into account. 

If, at a time of booking, the User should anticipate a possible cancellation of the tour due to unforeseen circumstances, for the purpose of avoiding cancellation costs indicated in the section “Cancellation of Travel” of these Instructions and Terms, they can take out cancellation insurance.

Cancellation insurance is paid upon conclusion of the Contract and cannot be taken out subsequently.

The insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the tour value, according to the price list of the insurance company. In case of a suite/apartment booking, it is calculated by dividing the rental price by the number of persons occupying the suite/apartment. 

Any of the following cases may be considered as an unforeseen circumstance:

  1. serious illness or death: insurance holder - spouse of insurance holder, child of insurance holder, parent/brother/sister of the insurance holder or of his/her spouse, adoptee or adoptive parent;
  2. natural disaster proclaimed as such by competent authorities;
  3. military service. 

In the event of cancellation of the package, the amount of the paid cancellation insurance premium shall not be remunerated.

Likewise, the cost of the procurement of visas shall not be remunerated, regardless of whether the User paid a cancellation insurance premium.

If the User did not take out cancellation insurance, and they must cancel the tour due to one of the abovementioned unforeseen circumstances, GoAdria reserves the right to remunerate according to the rules stated in the section “Cancellation of Travel” of these Instructions and Terms. Other terms of insurance can be found in the insurance policy information. 

The travel package prices do not include insurance from the risk of an accident or illness during the tour, insurance from damage or loss of luggage, nor voluntary health insurance.

By signing the travel contract, with these Instructions and Terms being one of its fundamental elements, it shall be considered that the travellers have received recommendation on additional insurance indicated in the previous paragraph.

If the User should request any of the abovementioned types of insurance, they can be taken out directly with the insurance company or with GoAdria, where GoAdria shall act solely as intermediary. 

Travel Cancellation by GoAdria or Programme Change

If an insufficient number of persons should apply for a tour, GoAdria reserves the right to cancel it, at the latest 5 days prior to the beginning of the tour. 

The minimum number of users required to operate a particular tour is specifically indicated for each programme/package. GoAdria holds the right to a complete and partial change to the travel programme if extraordinary, unforeseeable/unavoidable circumstances should arise prior to the beginning of the trip. 

GoAdria holds the right to alter the date or time of departure due to changes in flight schedules or unforeseeable circumstances, as well as the right to alter the travel course if any of the following travel conditions should change: a change in the flight schedule, safety conditions in a particular country, extreme weather conditions, with no compensation and according to the current regulations of international traffic.

If GoAdria should cancel the tour, the User holds the right to be reimbursed for the full amount paid for the tour, but not compensation for damages. 

Travel Documents

All travellers must possess valid personal travel documents. If the User should cancel the tour due to invalid documents, GoAdria shall not suffer any consequence as a result, and if there should be additional damages to GoAdria caused by such oversight, the User is obliged to compensate it. If a loss or theft of travel documents should occur during the tour, the User shall bear sole responsibility for the costs of procurement of new documents.

GoAdria’s tour leader shall assist the User in the abovementioned case, taking care, at the same time, not to disturb the normal sequence of the travel itinerary. If a visa is required for a certain tour, GoAdria may assist in its procurement at an extra cost.

GoAdria shall not be held responsible for the decisions of customs, police or other state authorities which prevent the User from entering a particular country.

Foreign Exchange and Customs Regulations

Travellers are obligated to comply with foreign exchange and customs regulations, as well as the statutory and sub-statutory regulations of the Republic of Croatia and other countries through which they pass and in which they stay.

If the User should be unable to continue the tour due to their non-compliance with any regulations, all costs incurred shall be borne by the User. 

Health Regulations

Traveling to certain countries requires prior vaccination of the User against certain diseases. During tours to those countries, the User is obligated to possess vaccination certificates and documents. 


The User is responsible for their own belongings and must take them with him/her at all times. Otherwise, the User shall bear sole responsibility for any theft, loss or damage to any belongings left unattended. 

The Obligations of GoAdria

GoAdria is responsible for the fulfilment of services as well as exercising due care in the selection of service providers, and it is responsible for the rights and interest of the User in accordance with good tourism practices.

GoAdria is required to provide to the User all the previously agreed services relating to a particular package and to provide a justification for the failure to fulfil a service or part of service. GoAdria shall fulfil all its obligations as stated in the programme in full and in the described manner unless in the case of force majeure or altered circumstances. If possible, GoAdria shall, in such cases, offer an alternative solution. 

End User

The End User is considered to be any adult person that consents to these Terms and Conditions. The right of use of this website is the personal prerogative of the End User and is not transferable to other natural or legal persons. The End User is responsible for the protection of all their personal data to be entered during the creation of their user profile. 

User Obligations

The User is required to make sure they comply with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the country through which they pass or to which they travel, and is required to abide by the rules of hotels and other facilities, as well as to cooperate with the agency’s representative and service providers.

The User shall be solely responsible for any damage caused and particularly for any damage caused as a result of non-compliance with the contract and these Instructions and Terms.

The consequences and costs of the damage caused shall be immediately borne by the User at the hotel reception desk or another location determined by the natural or legal person that suffered the damage. 

GoAdria Partners

GoAdria sells, promotes, suggests experiences as an intermediary of companies, small businesses, individuals, associations, family-run farms and other service providers (hereinafter “the Partners”) which offer those experiences to the End Users. GoAdria enables and performs the sale of experiences on behalf of the Partners via its website The Partner, as the owner of the experience, undertakes to deliver the arranged experience in the best possible way, abiding by all standards of sound business practices and quality they employ in their regular business with End Users. 

The Partners provide the service directly to the End Users. GoAdria does not own nor fulfil the services it offers on its website, so it cannot, therefore, be held responsible for any potential legal, material or any other problems which may arise during the experience it offers. GoAdria shall be responsible only for a wrongly delivered or undelivered service by a Partner or any other third party. All GoAdria vouchers are issued in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of each Partner, as well as these Terms and Conditions. 


GoAdria endeavours to offer the best prices for all the experiences that the End User can purchase on GoAdria’s website. GoAdria maintains the right to alter prices without prior notice. All payments shall be made in Croatian kuna. Your credit card shall be charged in the amount converted from euro to Croatian kuna (HRK) according to the valid exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank at the time of payment. Upon charging your credit card, the same amount is converted to your local currency according to the exchange rate of the card association. As a result of the conversion, there might be a small difference in relation to the original price indicated on our website.


If the End User should have any complaints on the manner of delivery of a service provided by our Partners, they are advised to immediately inform the Partner so that they might be remedied, if possible. If the User should have any complaints on our services or any other type of complaint, they are advised to contact us at and we shall do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Terms of Sale

These Terms regulate the procedures of ordering, payment and delivery of products and services offered on the website

You can use the website for your own private purposes with no usage charge according to the following terms and rules. The vendor is GoAdria tourist agency, company name Laguna Novigrad d.d., and the buyer is the visitor of this website that fills out the electronic order, sends it to the vendor via the site and makes a credit or debit card payment. The goods, subject of the sale, are any of the services offered on the website (transfer, excursion, tour, cruise, etc.). 


The Buyer orders the product(s) using an electronic order form. The Buyer is any person that places an e-order for at least one product, provides the necessary information and sends the order via the website

All prices are final, indicated in EUR, converted to the Croatian currency, the kuna (HRK), according to the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the date of the transaction. The price indicated on the website includes value-added tax (VAT).

The Buyer is not required to pay any additional costs for the delivery of services ordered through this website.

The ordering process is as follows:

  • The Buyer selects a service on the website;
  • In the order form for the selected service, they fill out the information on the date and time of the beginning of the service (transfer, excursion, tour, cruise, etc.), number of persons, possibly also full names of persons;
  • The system confirms the availability of the service and displays the information to the Buyer once more before the order is definitively confirmed;
  • The Buyer confirms the order and provides their card information on the T-Com PayWay transaction processing service;
  • The T-Com PayWay service authorises the card and returns the processing result to the Gulliver Travel website, where it is displayed to the Buyer.

The service as the subject of sale is considered as ordered at the moment when the Buyer selects and confirms the method of payment, and when the process of credit/debit card authorisation is successfully completed.

Upon the finalisation of the ordering process, the Buyer receives a voucher as confirmation of purchase and payment. The voucher contains the following information that unambiguously defines the ordered service and its users: voucher number, service ordered, date of service (date of departure), possibly the time of service (time of departure), possibly the date and time of the termination of service, price of service, number of users, possibly the full names of the users, possibly the location of departure.

The cancellation of an ordered service is regulated by the General Terms of Business. 


The ordered products or services are paid for online using one of the following credit/debit cards: MasterCard®, Maestro® or Visa®, American Express®, Diners® via the T-Com PayWay service. GoAdria charges the Buyer’s card immediately upon the successfully executed transaction.            

Possession and Usage of Service

The services contained in the order and listed on the voucher can be delivered in the following manner:

The delivered voucher represents the reservation and confirmation of purchase, or ticket for the selected transfer, excursion, tour, cruise, etc. The Buyer gives the voucher to the representative of the agency upon arrival to the boarding location of the transfer, excursion, tour, cruise, etc. The voucher may be used only once.

Re-issue of the voucher in case of potential loss is performed on request of the Buyer according to the General Terms of Business. To this end, the Buyer should contact GoAdria requesting the voucher be re-issued. 

Conversion Statement

The charge to the credit card is done in Croatian kuna (HRK). The amount expressed in Croatian kuna that will be charged to your credit card is calculated by converting euros to kuna according to the exchange rate defined for price lists (middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank). The amount charged to the credit card in Croatian kuna is converted to your local currency by your credit card company applying a valid exchange rate in your country. Therefore, there might be small discrepancies in the price in EUR indicated on our website. 

Security Statement

The T-Com PayWay service used on the website employs modern data protection standards – the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with a 128-bit encryption and MD5 algorithm. The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that the exchange of data between the T-Com system and credit card authorisation centres is executed on a private network, protected from unauthorised access by a double firewall. 

Safety and Assurance

Certain experiences that can be purchased on the GoAdria website could be potentially dangerous. Prior to the purchase and use of any of those experiences, the End User must be aware of the potential risks. If the End User should have any questions on this issue, GoAdria is happy to provide any additional information. GoAdria holds no responsibility for the safety and guarantee of the performance of GoAdria experiences. The End User shall use any service provided by any of GoAdria’s Partners at their own risk. 

Images and Video Content

The images and videos displayed on the website are merely depictions. GoAdria shall not hold responsibility for the website content corresponding to the actual real-time appearance encountered by the User.

Responsibility of GoAdria

GoAdria shall not hold responsibility for any act, omission, damage, loss or error caused by negligence, oversight or in any other way by a Partner or a third party. GoAdria shall not hold responsibility for any damage to the equipment or other belongings of the End User which may occur as a result of the use of the website. The End User consents to use the website at their own risk and that GoAdria or affiliated third parties do not guarantee that the use of the website would be uninterrupted or error-free. GoAdria shall not hold responsibility for the consequences which may arise from the use of or inability to use this website, nor for the accuracy, content reliability or any other information on the service or product provided by this website. This Responsibility Statement relates to any potential damage or injury caused by any error, deletion, interruption, computer virus, malfunction, operational or transfer lag, communication interruption, theft, termination of contract, destruction or unauthorised access, changes or misuse of script, inappropriate behaviour, negligence or any other action. The End User consents that GoAdria holds no responsibility for the inappropriate or illegal actions of other users or third parties and that the End User is the sole bearer of risk of potential damage.

The End User expressly states that they shall not hold GoAdria, its management nor employees responsible for the indemnification of possible damage and costs, including the costs of legal representation, which may be incurred by the use of the website

Intellectual Property

All content, including, but not limited to, texts, software, images, video materials, graphics, music, on the website are the exclusive property of GoAdria and may only be used with the express permission of the copyright, trademark and design holder(s). Any total or partial copying, publication or modification of any of the content on the website without the express written permission of GoAdria is strictly prohibited. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions represents a violation of copyrights, trademark and intellectual property rights, and shall result in legal action and criminal prosecution of the perpetrator. 

Online Purchase Security

GoAdria holds the right to alter or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Data Protection Statement, at any time without prior or subsequent notification. The End Users are advised to stay informed of these changes. If the User should continue to use the content of the website, they shall be considered as consenting with the new Terms and Conditions in their altered form. The new Terms and Conditions shall enter into force immediately upon their publication on the website, therefore, any subsequent use represents consent with those terms.

Indemnification and Responsibility

The User consents to indemnify GoAdria and its Partners for any damage, loss, costs and expenditures incurred by claims made by third parties towards GoAdria or its Partners caused by or in relation to any breach of these Terms and Conditions with regard to that service.

By using such a service, the User states and guarantees that:

  • they shall not publish, with or without intention, information that might be harmful or insulting to any person or their business, especially: comments or information that is untruthful, malicious, libellous, insulting, obscene or could be interpreted as such;
  • they shall not act in a duplicitous or deceitful manner, and they shall not participate in or encourage fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • The User shall not place links from any other website to the website without GoAdria’s explicit permission. GoAdria holds the right to withdraw, at its sole discretion, its permission to place any link at any given moment.

Legal Disputes

The chapter titles of these Terms and Conditions serve to facilitate navigation and in no way influence the interpretation of the text in the chapters. If the competent court should declare any item in these Terms and Conditions void, such declaration shall not have an impact on the validity of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, and all their remaining content shall remain in force. If any other party should fail to use the rights given to them by these Terms and Conditions, this shall not be considered waiving or loss of those rights or any others stated in these Terms and Conditions. Legal disputes that may occur as a consequence of use of this website (unless otherwise stipulated by a separate contract) shall be resolved in accordance with positive legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia. By using this website, the End User consents that any dispute or claim arising from or related to these Terms and Conditions or in relation to their execution is under the jurisdiction of the Court of Pazin. 

Information on Filing Consumer Complaints

Pursuant to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, users may file a written complaint regarding the quality of the provided service at the offices of GoAdria, or by mail, fax or e-mail.

Personal Data Protection

Personal data is primarily collected in order to:

  • reply to your queries as efficiently as possible
  • ensure provision and payment of the desired service
  • enable you to access our competition system
  • promote our services
  • internally process our statistical data
  • have the possibility of sending newsletters, brochures, and other promotional material

At the time of registration, you agree to be contacted by us and to be added to our mailing list – your registration represents your explicit consent to be contacted. Protection of your personal data is permanent, and you can ask to be removed from our mailing list at any point in time. Following this, your data will no longer be used by GoAdria, except for internal purposes, for example, for IT or statistical data processing. 

Privacy Policy Content

We do not sell, rent out, nor make your e-mail address and other personal data available to any third parties without your consent, as this is against our privacy policy. GoAdria strictly adheres to the “no spam” policy. GoAdria is not liable for any accidental error or error occurring as a result of a force majeure, or any other objective circumstances due to which an accidental breach of the guaranteed protection of your data might have been committed, but they guarantee that the said error will, if possible, be removed as soon as possible.

We collect only that personal data which has been delivered to us voluntarily, and we use it exclusively for the provision of the above-listed services. You are not required to send us this information to obtain access to our site, and you are not required to disclose more information than is necessary to participate in any activity on our site. Following a duly provided and paid for service, this data will no longer be used without your explicit consent.

In case of potential sale or transfer of interest of the GoAdria sales and promotion system, we reserve the right to sell or transfer your data to a third party that:

a) conducts its business within a similar scope of activities or services,
b) agrees to be a successor in interest of GoAdria with respect to the maintenance and protection of the collected data;
c) agrees to adhere to this personal data privacy policy. 

By filling in the forms on our website, you guarantee that the information provided is correct and that you agree to the terms and conditions contained in our Privacy Policy, in their entirety. 

Data Safety

For the purposes of data safety at this address and in order for us to ensure that this service is available to all users, this computer system uses software which registers visits to the network and which recognises unauthorised attempts at data dispatch or alteration, as well as those which might inflict damage in any other way. Unauthorised attempts at data dispatch or alteration at this location are strictly forbidden. 

Protection of Children’s Personal Data

We are aware of the problems regarding data protection in direct communication with children over the Internet. Our websites that may attract the attention of children and potentially collect personal data of children under the age of 14 are designed to protect children’s rights and privacy to the highest possible extent. In accordance with that intent:

We DO NOT collect, DO NOT use and DO NOT disclose data that might make it possible to contact children over the Internet, except in cases of online promotional contests. This type of data is used, without the consent of a parent, only for direct answers to children’s requests and shall not be used for any other purpose;

We DO NOT collect personal data for purposes of contact outside the Internet, except to deliver awards, in which case the permission of a parent is required;

We DO NOT provide any kind of personal data to third parties without the prior consent of a parent;

We DO NOT allow children to publish or distribute, without the prior consent of a parent, personal data or any other material we receive from them, which could be used to contact them, nor do we encourage children to reveal, for the purpose of taking part in contests or other activities, more data than is necessary to take part in said activity.

In cases where children under the age of 14 are allowed to participate in contests, we require that they first seek permission to participate from a parent or legal guardian, and ask them to enter the e-mail address of their parent or legal guardian.

If a child under the age of 14 wins a prize, their parent or legal guardian shall be informed of this via e-mail, telephone or in writing. The personal data of the parent and child shall be deleted from our database upon request from the parent.

As a parent or legal guardian, you are always entitled to gain insight into all personal data of your child provided to us through one of our websites and to request that data be erased (if this data is still found in our database) and/or forbid us to collect and use information about your child in the future. If you are a parent and you want to exercise that right, contact us.


You can contact us at any moment and request a revision of all your personal data, as well as updates, corrections or removal of data. Until that moment we will use your old data for said purposes.

By filling in the forms on this web page, you guarantee that the information provided is correct, that you enjoy legal capacity, that you have all the rights to conclude this deal and that you fully agree that GoAdria uses and collects your information in accordance with the law and the terms of our privacy policy.


We are doing our best to ensure that all redirection from our website directs you and/or your child to websites with quality content in the sense that it does not encourage negativity.
 However, network pages and addresses quickly change, and we cannot always guarantee the content of each address we direct you to.

Should you have any questions or doubts concerning our Personal Data Protection Policy, or pertaining to your experiences with this website, please let us know. 

Amendments and Termination of Terms of Use

GoAdria reserves the right to modify or terminate all or any part of this website and its Terms of Use at any time. The amendments take effect upon their publication at this address or the moment users have been notified thereof. The Terms of Use are applicable until their termination by you or by GoAdria. Your termination, which can be done at any time, means ceasing to use this website and deleting all the materials and content used and downloaded from the same web location.

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