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The website www.GoAdria.com is a part of a sales and promotion system owned by the tourist agency of the same name operating within the Aminess Hotels & Campsites, owned by the company Laguna Novigrad d.d.. Its purpose is to allow users to obtain and receive information, purchase or activate select experiences organized by GoAdria tourist agency’s partners, obtain information about accommodation facilities, selected destinations, transportation, transfers and organization of the user’s (guest’s) stay at a destination, as well as to facilitate commenting on the offered services and realized experiences. 

These terms apply to all bookings made:

  • on the www.GoAdria.com website
  • by direct sale of tourist services.


The End User is considered to be any adult person and any legal person that uses this website and consents to these Terms of Business. The right to use this website is the individual right of the End User and it is not transferable to other physical or legal persons.


The Guest may sign up for a trip organized by the Agency in an Agency's branch office in person, by phone, via e-mail, and at all points of sale of Aminess Hotels & Campsites.

The Agency strives to offer the best prices for all the experiences that the Guest may purchase on the website. The Agency reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. All payments shall be made in Croatian Kuna. Your credit card shall be charged according to the conversion rate from Euro (EUR) to Croatian Kuna (HRK) at the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. Upon charging your credit card, the same amount shall be converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of the card association. This conversion may result in a difference in price in comparison to the original price stated on our website.

The Agency may request an increase in the agreed price if any of the following occurs after the date of the conclusion of the contract:
- currency exchange rates change in relation to the date of the publication of the programme,
- transport expenses change (fuel, tolls, etc.),
- transport operator rates change.

The Agency shall give written or oral notice of a change in the package price.
The contracted price cannot be increased seven days before the beginning of the trip.
The Guest may cancel their package at no additional cost if its price increases by more than 8% in relation to the agreed price and no later than within 48 hours upon receiving the written notice. If the Guest does not cancel their package in person at the Agency’s point of sale or in writing within the specified time period, they shall be deemed to have consented to the change in price.
The published prices are a result of the agreement between the Agency and its partners and they do not necessarily correspond to the prices indicated on site at the Guest’s destination.


A booking may be canceled.

Terms of cancellation of a booked excursion:

  • If the guest cancels the excursion 24 hours before the trip, the Agency shall refund them the full amount of the excursion.
  • If the guest cancels the excursion within 24 hours before the trip, the Agency shall retain 50% of the amount, and refund the guest the other 50%.
  • It the guest does not show up, the Agency shall charge them the full amount.

IMPORTANT: In the event of the cancellation of a booked excursion which was paid for in cash, the money shall be refunded to the buyer’s bank account, to which the buyer agrees by purchasing the excursion.

If an insufficient number of users sign up for a trip, the Agency reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than 1 day before the beginning of the trip. The Agency reserves the right to a complete or partial change to a trip if exceptional circumstances that could not be anticipated, remedied or avoided should arise before the beginning of the trip. Should the Agency cancel a trip, the Guest is eligible for a refund of the full amount paid, but they are not eligible for compensation.

The Agency is obliged to ensure fulfillment of its services, to exercise due diligence in the selection of service providers, and to look after the rights and interests of the Guest in accordance with good tourism practices.
The Agency is obligated to provide all contracted services within an individual package to the Guest and to respond to possible non-performance of a service or a part of a service. The Agency shall perform all obligations mentioned in its programmes in full and in the manner described, except in the case of force majeure or changed circumstances. If possible, the Agency shall offer an alternative solution in such cases.

The Agency sells, promotes, recommends experiences as an intermediary of companies, small businesses, individuals, associations, family farms, and other service providers which offer those experiences to the Guest. The partner, as the owner of the experience, commits to deliver the contracted experience in the best possible way and to abide by all the standards of sound business practices and quality they employ in their regular business with the Guest.
Partners provide their service directly to the Guest. The Agency does not own or provide the services it offers on its website and disclaims all responsibility arising from the use of services the Agency’s partners provide to the guest. The Agency shall not be held responsible for a wrongly delivered or an undelivered service by its Partner or any third party.


Some experiences that can be purchased on GoAdria's website may be potentially dangerous. Before purchasing and using any of these experiences, the End User must be aware of the risk. If the End User should have any questions on this issue, they may contact GoAdria for any additional information. GoAdria is not responsible for the safety and does not give a guarantee of the performance of experiences offered by its partners. The End User shall use any service provided by a GoAdria’s Partner at their own risk.

The Agency shall not be held responsible for any damage to equipment and other belongings of the Guest which may occur as a result of the use of the www.GoAdria.com website. The Guest consents to use the website at their sole discretion and that the Agency, as well as affiliated third parties, do not warrant in any way that the use of the website shall not be terminated or without operational difficulties. The Guest consents that the Agency is not liable for any inappropriate or unlawful conduct of other guests or third parties and that the Guest is the sole bearer the of risk of potential damage. The Guest expressly states that they shall not hold the Agency, its responsible persons or employees liable for compensation for possible damages and costs, including the costs of legal representation, which may arise from the use of the www.GoAdria.com website.


Pursuant to the Law on Provision of Tourism Services, the end user has the right to file a written complaint in one of the following ways:

  •  personally in one of the Agency’s offices: Mirna 2, 52466 Novigrad,
  •  by post to address: GoAdria Mirna 2, 52466 Novigrad,
  •  via e-mail to address: info@GoAdria.com,
  •  or by fax to number: +385 52 555 555.

The Agency must respond in writing to the end user’s written complaint no later than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint.



The subject of this contract is to determine the relationship between the tourist agency GoAdria Mirna 2, HR-52466 Novigrad, OIB: 58935879058, ID-KOD: HR-AB-52-040302552, phone +385 52 555555, e-mail info@GoAdria.com (hereinafter “GoAdria”) on one side and the user of the accommodation service (hereinafter “guest”) on the other, during the process of accommodation booking offered on the www.GoAdria.com website.

By paying an advance payment on a selected accommodation within the required period, the guest unconditionally accept these General Terms. GoAdria reserves the right to change these General Terms which shall be published on the GoAdria www.GoAdria.com website and which shall enter into force on the day of their publication.


The agreement between the guest and GoAdria enters into force with a confirmed booking (verbal or written). From that moment on, the rights and obligations of the contracting parties are governed by these General Terms and Conditions and they are applicable to the guest and GoAdria. The booking confirmation shall be delivered immediately to the guest via e-mail. In the event of a confirmation which differs from the requested booking, by paying the advance the guest confirms that he consents to the conditions stated in the confirmation. GoAdria may accept any special request without any obligation, but the request is not legally binding for GoAdria and shall be fulfilled only if GoAdria issues a written confirmation. In the event that the package is not paid for pursuant to Section 3.1. of these General Terms, the booking may be canceled and GoAdria shall have no obligations toward the guest.

 Price and payment

A booking is binding and after making it, the guest must make an advance payment of 20% of the contracted final price of the accommodation. Once the booking process is completed, GoAdria shall send to the guest a written booking confirmation via e-mail. In it, all the necessary information about rental and payment shall be stated. The costs of water, gas, electricity, and internet, as well as bed linen, towels, kitchen towels, final cleaning of the interior, pool and exterior maintenance shall be included in the accommodation price, unless otherwise stated in the description of the facility. The minimum length of stay depends on the facility and shall be displayed on the website. For stays shorter than 4 nights, the accommodation price shall be increased by 30%.


Upon the receipt of the booking confirmation, the guest must make a non-refundable advance payment of 20% of the package price in the next 7 days, thus definitively confirming the booking. The remaining amount must be paid on the day of the arrival at the Agency. In the event that the guest does not comply with the payment deadlines, their booking may be canceled.

Booking cancellation

In the event of the cancellation of a confirmed private accommodation booking, the following costs shall be charged:

  • for booking cancellation up to 21 days prior to the use of the service, 20% of the total booking price shall be charged
  • for booking cancellation from 20 to 15 days prior to the use of the service, 50% of the total booking price shall be charged
  • for booking cancellation from 14 to 8 days prior to the use of the service, 80% of the total booking price shall be charged
  • for booking cancellation from 7 to 0 days prior to the use of the service, 100% of the total booking price shall be charged
  • for booking cancellation after departure or if the Traveler does not appear at the booked accommodation, 100% of the total booking price shall be charged.

Number of guests

At any time, the number of persons accommodated in an accommodation facility may not exceed the number stated in the confirmation. The number of persons includes children, regardless of age. According to the guest’s wishes, the number of persons may be increased to the maximum capacity of the facility, if announced at least 3 (three) days before arrival. The requested change in the number of guests must be submitted directly to GoAdria in writing and via e-mail. If there are more guests staying in a facility and on its premises than allowed or announced to the owner, the owner and/or GoAdria reserve the right to cancel the lease without notice, becoming effective immediately, and the guest, as well as all persons staying with them in the facility, are obliged to leave the facility within 2 (two) hours and are not eligible for a refund of the amount paid for the accommodation from the owner or GoAdria.

House rules

Each facility has its own house rules displayed in a visible place and accessible to the guest. Guests are required to comply with house rules. Failure to comply with rules set out in house rules is considered to be a serious breach of the terms of the contract, in which case the owner and/or GoAdria have the right to cancel the lease without notice, the cancellation becoming effective immediately,

and the guest, as well as all persons staying with them in the facility, are obliged to leave the facility within 2 (two) hours and are not eligible for a refund of the amount paid for the accommodation from the owner or GoAdria.


When selecting which accommodation facilities we will include in our offers, we do everything in our power to choose facilities that are located in good, safe and quiet areas. Despite that, we cannot guarantee that there shall be no noise during the guest stay because we cannot influence or control things such as traffic noise, sounds coming from nearby construction sites, surrounding facilities, etc. Neither the owner nor GoAdria may be considered responsible for environmental sounds.

Pool and whirlpool

The guest is obliged to respect instructions pertaining to the use of the pool which are given by the owner or GoAdria for the guest’s safety. The guest is responsible for any use of the pool. Children cannot be at the pool without adult supervision. The guest uses the pool at their own risk. If the accommodation is booked off-season, the pool may be decommissioned. It should be borne in mind that the use of the whirlpool is associated with certain health risks and that the guest uses it at their own risk.

Arrival, departure, extending and shortening the stay

Upon arrival, the guest must submit their travel and personal documents in order for the guest to be registered into the e-visitor system and shall be returned without delay. The arrival time must be between 14.00 and 18.00 and the departure time before 10.00. In the event that the arrival is not possible before 18.00, the guest is obliged to inform the tourist agency or the person in charge of the keys with whom they shall agree on the time of key exchange. In the event that the guest wishes to extend they stay, they are obliged to immediately notify their agents or GoAdria, who, if possible, shall be happy to extend their stay. In the event of an early departure, the guest is obliged to pay the amount displayed on the contracted booking.

Guest obligations

During their stay, the guest is obliged to use the facility and equipment therein with due care. The guest is obliged to adapt their behaviour, lest they disturb other guests, neighbours, and the host. In the event that the guest does not adapt their behaviour to the house rules, they lose the right to the booked accommodation, they must leave immediately and are not eligible for a refund.

Damage, complaints, and repairs

The guest is obliged to use the accommodation facility and any inventory therein with due care. On the day of departure, the accommodation facility must be in the same state as it was when the guest checked in. In the event of changed conditions, the guest is obliged to immediately inform the person in charge of the keys or the agency. If visible irregularities are not reported immediately upon arrival, the facility shall be deemed to be delivered in the correct state. If any irregularities occur during the guest’s stay, they are obliged to act in the same way. In the event that the owner or the person in charge of the keys cannot remedy the irregularity within a reasonable period, the guest is obliged to notify GoAdria. If the guest voluntarily leaves the facility and finds another accommodation without giving GoAdria enough time to resolve the problem causing the guest’s dissatisfaction, the guest loses eligibility for compensation, regardless of the justifiability of their reasons for departure. All damage and deficiencies caused or disclosed by the guest must be immediately reported to owners of the facility or employees of GoAdria. Such conduct ensures immediate removal of damage and deficiencies without diminishing the quality of stay. The guest is liable for any damage or deficiencies they cause if it cannot be proven that they are not responsible for it. The same applies if the accommodation unit cannot be rented to the next guest due to damage, dirtiness or the lack of equipment. The owner shall charge the guest on site for damage caused.

Claims must be submitted to GoAdria or a partner agency in writing within two weeks of the stay in the accommodation unit with proof included (pictures, confirmed documents from the person in charge of the keys/agent, witness statements, etc.). Complaints shall not be considered after the two-week deadline expires. We emphasize that it is in the interest of the guest to act in good faith and show readiness to resolve their complaint during their stay, to send their written complaint to the owner on site, and to request written confirmation that the complaint was received. If the guest does not meet these conditions, they shall not be eligible for compensation. GoAdria is obliged to submit a written statement on an objection within 15 days from the date of the receipt of the objection and in the same form (e-mail, ordinary post or personally in the agency). 

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